Citizens State Bank

Resolutions for 2023 and beyond!

We all want to keep our hard-earned money and information safe from criminals. Here is a list of resolutions we have made for 2023 and beyond:

  1. I will not send money to my "soul mate" who I have only ever met online.
  2. I will not deposit random checks that I receive for no apparent reason. Instead, I will ask myself, why would a Dentist Office in California send me a check? Does this make sense? Why do I need to return some of the money immediately? I know the check is fraudulent.
  3. If my bank says it is a scam, I will believe them. I will not send a wire, cash or gift cards.
  4. I will not fall for customer support scams on my electronic devices. Microsoft is not going to warn me of a problem with a pop-up message on my computer and give me a number to call, and then charge me in cash or gift cards, or make a transfer in my online banking to pay for this “customer support”.
  5. I will not fall for cash back schemes. If I sell something on the internet, I will not accept a check or any other means of payment for more than I was asking just to send the overage back by wire or gift cards. The check will be returned as fraudulent, and I will have to repay the bank.
  6. I will not fall for the IRS/ Social Security Administration telephone/email/text scam. The IRS/ Social Security Administration will not call, email or text me and demand payment with gift cards or a wire or threaten me.
  7. I will not send money to a relative or friend who has been arrested in another country until I verify with that person or another member of their family that they are in fact traveling and in trouble.