Citizens State Bank

Citizens helped us avoid scam!

Group Photo The Madejczyks enjoying their boat.

In April 2021 we were looking to purchase a new boat. This was going to be a major purchase for our family which makes things feel a little uneasy. We contacted Citizens State Bank and worked with Rhonda to discuss possible options for financing. She always had a positive attitude and helped us to navigate the whole process to make sure we were comfortable moving forward.

I was looking for a special kind of boat called a center console and there were none available in Minnesota. This made the boat search mostly an online exercise in other states which made it difficult to find something that met our targets. The online search was complicated by several instances where potential scammers were offering phantom boats for sale. In two instances Rhonda was very helpful with her efforts to contact banks of supposed sellers and learn that the leads we had found on boats were scams and that the sources could not be trusted. This helped us avoid a potential financial disaster of wiring money to an entity that had no intentions of giving us a boat or returning our funds.

After several months of searching for boats and wading through the scams, we found the right option for our family. Rhonda and her team took our loan request and came up with a program specific to us, so that we could leverage our existing assets and minimize our need for financing. This allowed us to secure the financing we needed while maintaining our liquid assets at a healthy level and get our new family boat. Ultimately the funds were wired to the seller, the boat was delivered, and our financing for the boat is very manageable. We enjoyed working with Rhonda and the team at Citizens State Bank and would recommend them to others that are considering a major purchase. You will receive quality service and a can-do attitude to get what you need. Our family enjoyed our new boat this past summer and we cannot wait for the ice to melt this year so we can get back out on the water. Thanks to everyone at Citizens State Bank for the quality and friendly service!

Jeff & Tracy Madejczyk Family