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Citizens State Bank

Citizens Knows Agriculture!

Ag Team Jason Winter, Dan Traxler, Bruce Mathwig, Tony Bentz

Appreciating the crop year, we also look to the future and start planning for next year’s production. With the corn and soybean prices of 2022 at $14+ per bushel and $7+ per bushel respectively, it wasn’t too difficult for a grain farmer to see a positive cash flow from the 2022 crop.

While we are thankful for seeing reduced chemical and fertilizer costs for 2024, many farmers are likely going to find it more difficult to get a cash flow to pencil out when looking at 2023 crop yields and current commodity prices. We can help you with that. Our lenders know agriculture and have the experience to help you create a financial plan to navigate the ups and downs in your farming operation.

The weather, along with commodity and input prices will continue to be unpredictable. Partnering with the right bank will help set up your operation for success for years to come. Citizens’ local decision-making allows the flexibility to work with the ever-changing situations of our farmers in a continuously evolving economy. See Jason, Dan, Bruce or Tony today.