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Embracing Common Beliefs

I recently read an article that offered a “guide to ditching a big bank”. A friend had forwarded the article to me. He was correct in assuming that the topic would be of interest to me. I was particularly curious about the advice that a reader would receive.

I was intrigued with the article’s primary tip: Go shopping for a smaller bank more in line with your values. The article did not quote statistics about numbers of branches or ATMs. I have always believed the reason a person does business with a particular bank is less about statistical data and more about the general impression the customer has developed about the bank.

When I am asked to describe Citizens State Bank Norwood Young America my first response is to express that we are passionate about the virtues of integrity, respect, trust and fairness. We value and we commit to these driving forces while we work with our customers to make a difference in their lives. Our customers appreciate the fact that we live out who we say we are.

Customers of Citizens State Bank benefit from the products, services, and delivery channels that allow them to live anywhere and still bank with us. The bank’s innovative offerings continually evolve and we are proud to provide products and features that set the standard in our marketplace.

While we do offer top-notch technology, customer relationships are built on the fact that we make an effort to know and understand our customers. The entire staff knows we must focus on determining and fulfilling the needs of our customers. We also hold ourselves to high standards for ethical conduct and we have the upmost respect for the trust our customers have placed in us.

Citizens State Bank makes it a priority to re-invest in our community. We are an active member of our community and we support a wide variety causes, projects, and organizations both financially and with human capital. We employ a quality staff, pay our real estate taxes, and unlike credit unions – we pay state and federal income taxes. The actions of Citizens State Bank reflect the sincere reverence we place on the bond we have with our customers and the role we embrace in the community as a whole.

To customers who have started their relationship with us weeks or decades ago, and everything in between - Thank you!

For those who are ready to experience a banking relationship that values and respects them as a unique customer – Welcome!
Person to person. Neighbor to neighbor.
Yesterday, today and tomorrow.

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