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Simply Straightforward
Citizens State Bank is fortunate to have served its customers for well over a century. I have gained an appreciation and perspective from having worked at Citizens State Bank for over 31 of those 100 plus years. I feel the bank should always be challenging itself with the question “What are the most beneficial solutions for our customers?” We continually develop additional ways to meet the needs of our customers, both today, and tomorrow.

We are very humbled by the loyalty and support of our friends and neighbors generation after generation. I find it very interesting to ask customers who have been with the bank for 20, 30, 40 or more years – “What has made you stay with Citizens State Bank all these years when you have so many choices out there?”

The sense I get from the answers is that the long-term success of the bank can be attributed to the emphasis we have always placed on those cornerstones of banking and customer service that directly impact our customers. Our local phone numbers are answered by knowledgeable bankers who are located right here in the Citizens State Bank building. You are not forced to escape from an automated phone system before you get a chance to speak to a live person. Our customers appreciate the honest, professional staff that has served them with integrity over the years and who will continue to do so for years to come. When our customers tell us how important a great bank with friendly bankers is to them and their future, it motivates us to work even harder.

Our customers rely on us as a trusted resource so we focus on offering guidance and assistance. We are here to have a thoughtful dialogue about an opportunity, or perhaps more importantly, a dilemma. Helping to define the pros and cons of a decision, or just being that friend who listens and says very little are all circumstances which allow us to serve you person to person. We sincerely care about our customers and we want what is best for them. We are told that this truly sets us apart from our competitors.

The success of Citizens State Bank over 100 plus years is certainly attributed to many factors. I feel the primary reason is straightforward: Advocating win-win outcomes with our customers through adherence to the virtues of integrity, respect, trust and fairness. We find it very gratifying to extend a hand and create a positive experience in someone’s life.
Person to person. Neighbor to neighbor. Yesterday, today and tomorrow.

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