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Hey Doc. I am feeling OK, but can you check it out just to be sure?

While Citizens State Bank is not a medical clinic, we are in the business of providing resources to optimize our customers’ Financial Health. Beyond physical, mental, and spiritual health, a person’s financial health can also impact their overall quality of life. I believe influences from any of those four areas of health can create a positive or negative impact on the others’ condition.

Achieving and maintaining financial health takes diligence and work just like the effort needed for physical, mental, and spiritual health. The employees at Citizens State Bank are here to support you with your journey.

I see our customers make financial decisions that are simply a consequence of normal life. Maybe it is time to purchase a vehicle or even a house, start or expand a business or farm, change jobs or start enjoying the retirement you worked for. Individual situations cover the spectrum of possibilities. Some people are fortunate their hard work is paying dividends and they have achieved and are maintaining financial health. For perhaps the majority, their efforts are producing positive results and they are working toward stable financial health. Whether it is the cumulative effect of many small miscues or one catastrophic event, a few may also find themselves unprepared to face the uphill climb to achieving financial health.

Citizens State Bank can provide guidance and knowledge to help you improve and maintain your financial objectives. We have resources and expertise that will focus on your specific conditions. The professionals at Citizens State Bank will thoroughly evaluate your situation and formulate suggestions that fit your overall strategy.

Your friends at Citizens State Bank understand that each customer is in the midst of their own unique financial journey through life. You can count on us to help you prepare for the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. We work hard to earn and maintain our customers’ trust. People come to the bank for advice based on the recommendation of customers, and many times even non-customers, because of our reputation for being approachable, fair and trustworthy.

Whether you have been following a successful financial fitness regiment for a long time, or have recently decided to put a little more strategy into your efforts, Citizens State Bank has the resources to assist you. Come and see us for your financial needs, we are here to help you feel better than just OK.


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