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Citizens Understands the Sanctity of Trust

 I recently came upon an article in the newspaper that left me in disbelief upon my initial read. As I considered the perpetrator in the news piece and the breach of trust outlined in detail, I was still in disbelief, but sadly not really all that surprised.

The article described the stunning actions of some employees at a national mega-bank who coincidentally, has a very large presence in Minnesota. Bank employees, driven by strict sales goals, regularly opened new accounts for customers without their knowledge. According to the article, elaborate steps were taken to open unauthorized accounts, including the creation of debit cards and PINs, along with fake emails for access to on-line banking. The bank did not admit any wrongdoing but agreed to pay a $185 Million settlement to regulators and officials.
Unfortunately this is a common occurrence among mega-banks: get caught red handed but deny it anyway, cough over shareholders’ money in the form of fines to regulators, then just keep on doing a different version of the same thing. Their customers put up with it, and in effect, don’t hold the offender to any basic standards for ethical conduct.
A few pages back in the same section of the newspaper was a full page color advertisement taken out by the same mega-bank. The damage control ad was full of flowery phrases about vision & values, mission and communication. The sentence that was the most nauseating to me concluded “…dedicated to your success and passionate about earning your ongoing confidence and trust.”
The above disgraceful situation serves as a powerful reminder to me to never make the mistake of professing one thing but then conducting business in a completely contradictory manner. I have frequently commented about the fact that Citizens State Bank does not utilize a sales quota philosophy even though we do offer products and services to customers in our market area.
I feel the logical focus should be on determining and fulfilling the needs of our customers, whatever the need is. In contrast, the commonplace practice of many banks both locally and nationally is to emphasize arbitrary head counts which creates an environment that is all about fulfilling sales quotas with no regard for true customer relationships.
When I describe Citizens State Bank Norwood Young America I often refer to the virtues of trust, respect, integrity, and loyalty. The employees of Citizens value and commit to these virtues as we work with our customers every day in order to make a difference in their lives. Our customers regularly offer their appreciation for the fact that we live who we say we are.
Customers of Citizens State Bank benefit from the fact that we have assembled the products, services, and delivery channels that allow you to live anywhere and still bank with us. The bank’s innovative offerings continually evolve and we are proud to provide products and features that set the standard in our marketplace. While we offer top-notch technology, our customers have always valued us as a bank that knows and understands them.

Many of our competitors diminish virtues that should be held in the highest regard by using them as buzzwords to deflect attention from their inexcusable behavior. In contrast, the actions of Citizens State Bank reflect the sincere reverence we place on the bond we are blessed to have with our customers.

To all our loyal customers – Thank you! 

For those who are ready to experience a banking relationship that values and respects them as a unique customer – Welcome!

Person to person. Neighbor to neighbor.
Yesterday, today and tomorrow.

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