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Helping You Help Yourself

At this time of year our lives get even busier with the extra daily activities that come with Christmas and the New Year. Spare time is generally in short supply so we try to be as efficient as possible, yet we want to be observant along the way as to not miss the important (sometimes little) things.

The employees of Citizens State Bank welcome our customers and are happy to help them with their banking needs when they stop in at the bank. Customers also utilize the convenience of the many other access channels provided by Citizens State Bank.  These free products and services are designed to be useful tools allowing our customers to manage their banking activity and to implement simple yet effective measures to safe guard their accounts.

Citizens State Bank has put an emphasis on offering products and features that provide both peace of mind and functionality for our customers. Citizens State Bank has offered the SHAZAM BOLT$ app for several years. On a recent weekday morning around 6:15 a.m. one of my daughters received an email on her cell phone via the SHAZAM BOLT$ app. The alert informed her that a transaction had just been run against her debit card at a merchant in Texas. Her debit card was in her purse as she was just getting ready to leave her home for work. She immediately called Shazam to report the transaction as fraudulent and she had her debit card cancelled. The fraudster was stopped after one small transaction.  This excellent tool can be used to monitor debit card activity in your checking account. In addition, customized alerts can be created which will notify you of any potentially fraudulent transactions. See the article by Tim Moore inside this newsletter for specifics about the new Transaction Control option. You can turn on and off the Temporary Card Block feature to essentially lock down your debit card until you are ready to use it. I feel this simple, yet sophisticated app is a must for everyone who has a debit card and the ability to receive an email.

By logging in from a computer, EZ Net Internet Banking has been available to our customers for many years. In addition to checking balances, transferring funds between accounts, viewing transaction history, and creating account alerts, many customers use the Bill Pay feature to easily and securely pay their monthly bills without writing a check or mailing an envelope.

Many of our customers with smart cell phones and other mobile devices have found Citizens State Bank’s Mobile EZ Net product to be a convenient on-the-go tool. The mobile device website -- -- allows functional access to internet banking features. Customers can check balances, view transaction history, transfer funds between accounts, use online Bill Pay, and set up account alerts.

The simple and powerful CSBNYA banking app is the quickest and easiest way to check balances, view transaction activity, and move money between accounts. Settings are customizable so customers control the amount of history displayed.

By using these and other free tools from Citizens State Bank, you can put simple but effective technology to work managing your accounts, as well as protecting yourself and your money. In addition to calling the bank and speaking with one of our employees, we have the options described above for you to maintain an awareness of what is happening in your accounts. Visit our website or contact us directly for assistance with the setup or activation of anything I have described. These Citizens State Bank products offer convenience and they also provide important security measures you can put in place with your accounts.

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