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Citizens State Bank Norwood Young America celebrated its 100th anniversary on June 19th. While a lot of things have changed in the banking industry, Citizens remains a stable cornerstone of the community.

The bank was chartered on June 20, 1914.  At age 69, Peter Effertz was the principal organizer and named himself the bank's President.  Peter’s son, Frank, was named the Vice President, and son-in-law Albert Kehrer, Cashier.  Peter was also involved with the other bank in town, Bank of Norwood, as one of its stockholders and directors, a relationship which he maintained for a number of years.

Peter Effertz

Peter Effertz was born on August 24, 1845 in Koln, Germany.  He received what was considered a fair education at the time and learned the trade of carpenter. Orphaned by the death of both parents when he was young, Peter and his brother, Christ, came to the United States in 1864 and settled in Carver County.

On December 10, 1870, Peter married Elizabeth Born and eventually had 16 children. In 1872, Peter and Elizabeth purchased the first piece of property in Norwood and built a house.  The next spring, they opened a hotel and saloon. Their son, William H. Effertz became the proprietor.

In 1900, Peter built his residence which overlooked his 220 acre farm.  The place was known as Superior Stock Farm. He kept a herd of 35-40 head of Red Polled cattle.

In 1906, Peter was elected to the state House of Representatives.  At that time he was the first Democrat to be voted into office in Carver County in 20 years.  He served on the committee for Banks and Banking along with advocating for general road improvements.

The Original Building

The original bank building was located at 214 Elm Street in Norwood.  The building was 1200 square feet which consisted of three offices and four employees. In 1951, the first female employee was hired.

In the photo are Peter Effertz, President and Founder (on bank steps), and his son-in-law, Albert J. Kehrer, Cashier.







Henry Lenzen

Henry G. Lenzen was named the bank’s President in 1922, following Peter Effertz. He initially served as Vice President and was a director of the bank before becoming President.  Henry was born on May 29, 1873 in Carver County and married Margaret Lenzen and had five children.  He was initially engaged in the grain, flour and feed trade.  He also dealt in furniture.  Lenzen served as the bank’s President until 1938.


Frank Effertz

Frank Effertz, Peter’s eldest son, was one of the organizers of Citizens State Bank. He was born in Norwood on November 15, 1873.  Frank attended two years of parochial school and one year at St. John’s University at Collegeville.  In May 1892, he started as a Bookkeeper at the Bank of Norwood and later became its Assistant Cashier. From 1895 - 1899 he worked as the Bookkeeper for the St. Paul Book and Stationary company store in St. Paul.  Frank eventually changed employment again and was named Vice President of Farmers State Bank of Waconia. He held this position until Citizens State Bank of Norwood opened its doors in 1914.

Frank served on many civic and community groups.  He was Village Treasurer for four terms, President of the Waconia Fair association for two years, President of the Waconia Commercial Club and a member of the Norwood-Waconia Hunting Club.

Harold Effertz

Harold Effertz served as the bank’s Assistant Cashier and as a Director from 1917 - 1924. Harold was born November 27, 1897.  He married Lillie Quarder on October 4, 1921.  On August 12, 1924 at the age of 27, Harold died from Dropsy, an old term for the swelling of soft tissues due to the accumulation of excess water.  In years gone by, a person might have been said to have Dropsy. Today, one would be more descriptive and specify the cause.  Thus, the person might have edema due to congestive heart failure.


Albert Kehrer

When Citizens State Bank of Norwood was organized, Albert Kehrer was named Cashier.  Albert married Peter Effertz’s daughter Margaret on January 28, 1908. Kehrer was born on a farm near New Prague on February 11, 1880. He attended parochial school in Glencoe and entered the banking world in 1904.  He worked at banks in Young America, Cologne, Hamburg and Hector before moving to Norwood in 1914 when Citizens State Bank was founded.

Albert owned the bank from 1930 to 1952 and served as its President from 1938 until his death in 1952 at age 72.

Albert and Margaret had five children.


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