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Testimonial 7

Citizens Works With You!  


“Person to Person and Neighbor to Neighbor” – Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow … the name, “Citizens State Bank,” truly represents a local, home-town financial organization, serving individual needs, as well as those of agriculture and business.

Walking through the door, one immediately senses the feeling of “community,” where focus is on the individual, as demonstrated with a smile and a welcoming, “How may we help you, today?” Everyone, whether you’re a “newbie”, first-time customer, or have a long-term, multi-generational relationship, benefits from the knowledgeable staff.
The professionalism of the personnel in every area of the bank’s structure is immediately apparent, and characterized by a sincere interest in working with each individual to help achieve their financial goals and objectives. That interest and attention to detail has been demonstrated to me, first-hand, from checking to savings to loan applications.
I’ve experienced “big box” bank operations – the “free blanket” offer was appealing and “got me in the door;” however, there was no personal interaction and I felt I was merely an “account number,” even after a relationship which extended over several years. Recently, these “mega banks” have also found a way to impose fees/service charges for almost every service provided – not exactly “customer-friendly.”
Citizens State Bank provides a vast array of financial products, personalized for each individual’s specific needs. For anyone looking for a bank “home,” I encourage you to take the first step, contact the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Citizens State Bank, and you, too, will hear “How may we help you today?”
Suzanne G. Melichar     

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