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I’ve been a small business owner and entrepreneur in Norwood Young America, MN for 32 years.  Citizens State Bank gave me my start in 1979. Over the years I have had dealings with other banks as well. At Citizens I have always been dealt with as an individual, one on one, face to face. At the other banks, years of history don’t add up to any beneficial relationship. I’m still always made to feel like I’m a check mark in a box on some form to be stamped with APPROVED or REJECTED. 

Have you heard the phrase “You don’t know how good your insurance is until you use it”? You thought you had a great policy until you needed to use your coverage. Through these hard times when I needed to upgrade to new equipment to stay competitive in my industry other banks wouldn’t or couldn’t continue their “coverage”. They would have pulled the rug out from underneath me. When I turned to Citizens they have always been there with the “coverage” I needed.

Thanks to Citizens’ small business loans I have multiple corporations that are still expanding today. Even through the last several years of economic downturn, when other banks were closing their doors and rejecting entrepreneurs, Citizens continued helping me with their expert small business financial advice. I am still here today with growing businesses as proof of what Citizens State Bank can help you do. Thank You Citizens State Bank. I wouldn’t be here without you.

 Steve Curfman

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