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 Banking With Citizens

Howard recalls his eight decade relationship with Citizens State Bank. 

I received my first savings account deposit when I was born and baptized in 1928 from Uncle Harold.

I grew up on a family farm. In 1942 my brother, Donald, was called to military duty so I quit school to help run the family farm and milk cows. As a tradeoff, my father bought me a 1942 V8 Ford.  I drove to Citizens State Bank to visit with Donald Kehrer, President, while Fabian Kehrer, Cashier, issued my first driver’s license. 

Darlene and I dated in high school and were married in 1950.  We purchased a 120 acre farm near Hamburg, MN in 1965 and together we farmed the land, milked cows, raised steers and bulls, and had two daughters, Gail and Jan.

One of our more vivid memories is when our barn burned down. The whole community came to our aid. Citizens State Bank was there too and helped us rebuild so we could continue farming.  

Although we are retired and have transitioned from farm life to town life, we continue to bank with Citizens State Bank because of their friendly staff, from the receptionist on up to the president and the fine hospitality shown to us throughout the years.  We enjoy the staff and we enjoy banking with Citizens!


Howard and Darlene Pieper

At a time of here today, gone tomorrow, Citizens State Bank has built a reputation of quality service. That service has allowed us to maintain relationships for decades.

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