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 Supporting Where We Are Because of Who We Are

 Citizens State Bank Norwood Young America was awarded a banking charter to serve the local area by the State of Minnesota over 100 years ago. Throughout its history, the owners and employees of Citizens State Bank have held true to the philosophy that the bank is here to make a difference in the everyday lives of the people it serves.
I believe the bank has stayed connected to our local communities and those people, businesses, and organizations that also consider it home. We are dedicated to supporting all those who have put their trust in us and shown tremendous loyalty towards Citizens State Bank Norwood Young America.
Our corner of the world suits us very well. At the core of our operating philosophy is the “community” aspect of community banking. We have no desire to be a corporate- style bank that may easily become too large to bother with commitments to a multitude of “branch communities”. Citizens State Bank feels it is important to offer a scholarship at the high school, support Chamber of Commerce activities like the Taste of NYA, bring in Holocaust speakers for our students, help get trap shooting started as a school sport, sponsor Squeezebox featuring Molly B in the Stiftungsfest parade, contribute towards Homecoming and Prom, support veterans’ causes, sponsor candidates or ambassadors of local organizations, and promote amateur baseball to mention a few specific items. We make all our decisions locally and we stick with our multitude of commitments to the community in general.
Citizens State Bank realizes you can bank anywhere. That being said, we have assembled the products, services, and delivery channels that allow you to live anywhere and still bank with us. The bank’s innovative offerings continually evolve to meet the needs of our customers. We are proud to provide products and features that set the standard in our marketplace. When you contact Citizens State Bank, you know who is helping you because we do not route our customers out to an impersonal call center.
While we offer top-notch technology, our customers value the bank because we know and understand them. Our actions reflect the sincere interest we have in each unique customer situation. You can count on Citizens State Bank to support you throughout life’s various endeavors in a manner that we feel is similar to the way your family, friends, neighbors, and community are there when you need them.
Relationships have been built and shaped with our customers over many years and life experiences. I am thankful to work for this bank which is focused on serving our customers throughout their entire spectrum of financial product needs. Our employees emphasize genuine person-to-person connections with our customers. Thank you.
Person to person. Neighbor to neighbor.
Yesterday, today and tomorrow.

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